Vocals with percussion:   Vancouver International Jazz Festivals in each of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 promoting debut vocal jazz CD "Thank you, Merci" celebrating the musicians of New Orleans; performing in jazz clubs in both Toronto and Vancouver.  Performances with other groups have included the Governor General Awards in Ottawa with Rick Lazar's Samba Squad (SSQ) on percussion accompanying Jesse Cooke, as well as accompanying SSQ in many Toronto Festivals; Premier Dance Theatre (now Fleck Dance Theatre) accompanying Ballet Creole (voice) and playing djembe for dance classes; performing at Toronto's DuMaurier Theatre (percussion), and other Toronto Harbourfront performance platforms (voice and percussion); performing in a trio with voice doubling on percussion with another vocalist, accompanied by Brian Katz for “Israel at 50;" Kitsilano Showboat Theatre, Vancouver (Paul Snider originals) and the Vancouver Fringe Festival (Paul Snider's "Music of Junk") accompanying with voice doubling on percussion; performing at Toronto Fringe Festival accompanying storytellers including Dr. George Blake where I accompanied his Kalalu Folklore Theatre as backup vocalist or percussionist including djembe during many festivals.

Training in the expressive arts:  private lessons in voice, percussion, piano, guitar, clarinet (Brian Katz, Mark Kieswetter, Rick Lazar,  Jillian Lebeck,  Jodi Proznick, Jennifer Scott, Diane Spears, Kate Hammet-Vaughan, to name a few), Royal Conservatory courses in theory, voice, basic piano and how to teach Kodaly, and group workshops with several performing artists including Sheila Jordan, Ballet Creole (drum and dance), Fred Dunyo (drum and dance), and other guest artists from West Africa, Brazil, and Cuba; studies in theatre arts (scene study, improvisation), dance/movement (many styles); poetry writing (one year one-on-one mentorship program at University of British Columbia) and clarinet during high school to perform in Gilbert & Sullivan small chamber orchestras, concert and big bands.