Kodaly Teacher Training, Level 1 (RCM) 

Postgraduate Diploma Education (Performance & Visual Arts) 

BA Psychology 

Certified Group Fitness Instructor with BoneFit Certification

Has led group fitness classes for the past three years (in person and online).

Currently studying within the field of Psychology, part-time, to prepare for an Honours Thesis. In general, I'm interested in exploring how engaging in the expressive arts (primarily music, but also curious about movement, poetry, storytelling, theatre arts and visual arts) may impact our central and peripheral nervous systems, cognition, and our social/emotional and physical lives.  

As a vocalist, Mimi has performed in the Vancouver International Jazz Festivals in each of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 promoting her CD "Thank you, Merci" celebrating the musicians of New Orleans, in jazz clubs both in Toronto and Vancouver, the Governor General Awards in Ottawa with Samba Squad accompanying Jesse Cooke, the Premier Dance Theatre (accompanying Ballet Creole), DuMaurier Theatre, and other Harbourfront Theatres in Toronto, and Kitsilano Showboat Theatre, the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Toronto Fringe Festival accompanying storytellers, world music, and dance groups, as well as many festivals as backup vocalist and percussionist playing handheld percussion and djembe, and while self accompanying while singing.

Training in the expressive arts has included private lessons and workshops within music (theory, improvisation, clarinet, percussion, voice, some piano and some guitar), theatre arts (scene study, writing, improvisation, theatre for social change)  poetry writing, dance/movement (many styles) and some visual arts.


Looking back...Looking forward... 

As I plan for the last few decades or so of my life (hopefully many decades), I ponder on how I can be of service and live a purposeful life.  I have music, performance, theatre arts, physical fitness, dance training and poetry writing to thank as well as several instructors and professors, as well as a few family members and a few close friends, to have reached this point in my life where I feel the most grounded and focused.  

I had been reflecting on my shyness and introversion quite deeply during the last fourteen years in an attempt to create a solid base of support for myself and move forward with a plan to pay it forward as they say:  as a  way to give thanks to all those who have crossed my path and influenced this growth.

I suppose being challenged with laryngeal spasms that started after a minor operation around fourteen years ago or so, initiated the process of digging deeper into the depths of my voice, the body and the mind...everything I took for granted and everything I needed in order to be able to sing.  I value this journey despite losing the ease at which I could simply open my mouth and just sing.  

It has taken so many different examinations with ENTs, chest and pulmonary specialists, vocal specialists and personal workouts with my larynx, the placement of sound vibrations and especially the breath – all so that I could conclude that the problem is vocal cord dysfunction. 

This vocal cord dysfunction started an entirely different path for me.  The more I struggled to get my larynx’s muscle control back, the more I learned about my voice and my shyness. Informed by my psychology degree, I dug deeper into my shyness at the same time, and the more I dug in, the more confident I became, and the more confident I became, the more I dug in.  This cycle inevitably brought me to where I am today. 

The last fourteen years have been a long and winding road, where I have grown stronger, more confident and ready to pay it forward with compassion, understanding, music, improvisation, poetry, theatre, movement...all the expressive arts. 

May I give honour to all those who embody peaceful intentions but not forget those who may have trespassed and transgressed so that I may support all those who have suffered. July, 2021



Thanks to Gee Wong for taking these black and white photos at the Jazz Room, Waterloo in April 2014.

Thanks to Gee Wong for taking these black and white photos at the Jazz Room, Waterloo in April 2014.